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About Integrative Counselling

What is Integrative Therapy?

Integrative Therapy is an effective approach that helps people to combat and overcome difficulties such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, Eating disorders, anger, relationship problems, phobias, worries, obsessions, compulsions, addictions (food/drugs), social anxiety, Jerusalem and holiday syndromes, sexual problems and low self-esteem. The course of treatment can be short, long term or solution focused. As integrative counsellors, we apply modules such as Psychodynamic, Ecclectic, Person Centred, Existential, Humanistic, Gestalt, Self- Psychology, cognitive behavioural approaches and Intercultural to our practice. As trained clinical supervisors, our team of counselling supervisors offer individual and Group supervision from an integrative cultural and pastoral perspectives as and when required. We also offer individual and Group counselling to organisations and G.P Surgeries.

Other Training:

Our Counselling Model:

We work with an integrated counselling model which has a foundation of humanistic/person centred practice. We have many years experience of working with the cognitive/behavioural and solution focussed models. We also carry out brief/solution focused intervention work.

We work with individuals aged 18+

What Benefits can be Expected?

We all have very friendly, humorous, empathic and non-judgmental personlities. We feel that our work and outlook benefits from both life experiences of working and from the extensive and diverse client groups we have worked with. We are very experienced and highly qualified counsellors from various backgrounds. This is particularly beneficial to clients who prefer specific race or gender.

We see clients at various locations or in the convenience of their own homes.The counselling rooms at different locations offer total privacy.

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